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Terms and Conditions.

Please read our T&Cs below carefully prior to purchasing any fabrics. Thank you

This website is dedicated to international collaborations with USA custom printing businesses. You acknowledge by purchasing fabrics through this website you have read the Terms and Conditions, outlined below which are contractual in nature.  

When can I expect to receive my fabric? 

Material Magic Fabrics is custom printed fabric and has a 6 - 12 week printing timeframe from the date Pre-Order closes. The fabric can arrive slightly earlier or later than estimated, so we recommend to use the timeframe as a guide only.

Fabrics may take longer than the estimated timeframes due to international COVID-19 impacts, shipping delays, or reprinting requirements. This timeframe is at the discretion of Material Magic and no refunds will be issued for delays outside of the 12 weeks however customers will be informed of the expected dates for shipping. Customers are eligible for a refund for fabrics which have exceeded an additional 6 weeks from TAT date (for instance, if turnaround time is 8-14 weeks, at the 20 week mark if fabrics have not been received the customer is eligible for a full refund on fabrics not received). 

Once the material is ready to go and has been shipped, you will receive an Australia Post or SENDLE tracking number and we will keep you updated on timelines via the website and the Material Magic VIP Facebook group.

For retail orders, Material Magic fabric is cut, packed and posted within 2-3 business days. If you have purchased retail fabric during a retail release campaign (i.e. website restock launch week) there is an additional processing time due to the quantity of orders. Retail release date turnaround time is 5-7 business days. 

Is fabric cut in a continuous length? 

All material will be cut in a continuous length unless otherwise requested (make sure to email us if you would like them cut differently). Or if stated in the product title, e.g. Marvelous Cotton Woven 0.5m. Additionally, retail fabrics may be already cut into smaller pieces therefore the customer will be notified if a large continuous piece is not available. 

I have made two separate orders will it still be cut continuous? 

Material ordered in separate orders will not be cut continuous unless you have notified us and we have responded to your request.

I have changed my address, can you change it in my account? 

We certainly can, please send us an email with your new address and we can change it for you in the Shopify system. Alternatively, you can also update your address by logging in to your Material Magic account. 

If you have changed your own address in the system you must still notify us otherwise any existing orders will still go to your existing address linked in AusPost business portal and on your picking slips.

If you have placed a Pre-order with us and then moved, please send us an email to ensure your fabrics are sent to the correct address. If you have not advised us of an address change then we take no responsibility for lost parcels and it is up to the customer to follow up with Australia Post. 

I have forgotten my password, can you reset it for me?

Unfortunately due to privacy reasons, we do not have access to change any details in your account including your address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to click the 'forgotten password' button and follow the prompts. 

Do you offer local pickup?

We currently do not offer local pickup from Noosaville QLD however this might be offered in the future. 

How is postage calculated?

Postage rates are Australia wide and are calculated when you check out. Postage is based on quantity and the fabric weight. All orders up to 5kg are sent in a Parcel Post satchel via Australia Post. You can track your order by clicking here and entering your tracking number. All orders over 5kg will be sent through a courier company at a flat rate, we currently use SENDLE.

You will receive an email link which includes your tracking number once your fabrics are on their way. Please check your email junk folder also for tracking numbers as they can sometimes get filtered as Spam.

No parcels include insurance coverage, if you would like this, customers need to contact us via email and pay the additional fees via PayPal.  

It is not Material Magics responsibility to reimburse customers for any lost parcels from Sendle or Australia Post, these are the responsibility of the courier company and the customer is required to claim for lost or stolen goods directly with them.

Under the Australian Consumer Protection Act, once Material Magic has shipped a parcel, it is the responsibility of the courier company to deliver the parcel. If the fabrics are lost during transit, it is the liability of the courier company to reimburse the customer not Material Magic. If you have purchased insurance, we can put a claim it on your behalf. Please email us at  

I am international, can I still purchase your fabric? 

Of course you can! International shipping is calculated at the checkout when you enter your postal address. If this does not occur for some reason, please send us an email with your order and we will work out the most economical way to send your order.

Please note, additional delays for international shipping are currently occurring due to COVID-19 impacts. 

Under the Australian Consumer Protection Act, once Material Magic has shipped a parcel, it is the responsibility of the courier company to deliver the parcel. If the fabrics are lost during transit, it is the liability of the courier company to reimburse the customer not Material Magic. If you have purchased insurance, we can put a claim it on your behalf. Please email us at  

How do I wash my fabrics? 

We recommend washing your fabric as you would the finished item. We like to use a Colour Catcher with dark fabrics but this is personal preference and not needed. Colour Catchers can be purchased at your local grocery store and are usually found with the laundry detergents. In regards to PUL (Polyurethan Laminate), this fabric is knit paired with a stretchy plastic film and should never be put in the dryer.  

Reminder, shrinkage for natural fibers are estimated to be 7% which is why we recommend prewashing all fabrics before commencing with your magical creation. We will not refund any fabrics which shrink after washing and which are within our TCs stated above (e.g. 7% threshold). 

Help, my Knit curls on the edges? 

This is common with most Knit fabrics. However, here are some tips and tricks that can help prevent this from happening. Try not to stretch the material too much beforehand or while you are sewing, as the more you pull at it, the more it will tend to curl. You can overlock the edges, use spray starch or steam the edges with your iron, these are all things that can help reduce the curl. We use wonder-clips on the edge of knits, instead of pins to help hold the fabric in place and hold the curl out. If the curl is really making things difficult for you, an old-fashioned trick was to use builder's masking tape to hold the curl out and down and then lay your pattern down. 

Have a tip or trick we haven't mentioned? Let us know!

My fabric has a flaw: 

Material Magic fabric is custom made, so in the custom printing process, flaws are bound to happen. We do our best to check the fabric for any potential misprints or flaws but sometimes we may miss it when cutting.  

This website is dedicated to selling Sweet N Charmed - Fabric Mail and Wanderlust Designs Custom Fabrics materials. Material Magic works as a distribution house for these two USA based businesses. Material Magic works to ensure all fabric cut and sent to customers contains no flaws however, they have no relationship with the printers and the ability to reprint any fabrics. 

The fabric bases can change within a bandwidth for weight, colour vibrancy and skew. Material Magic will no be reimbursing any customers in the event of these fabric impacts. By purchasing international fabrics through this site, you the customer, understand and agree to these terms and conditions. 

Material Magic we will not discount any flaw that is less than 1cm in size or within 12cm of the selvages.  If you receive a fabric with a flaw larger than a 1cm or greater than 12cm from the selvage, please email and we will either discount your fabric or accept the fabric back for a refund. The postage cost for returning the fabric will be paid for by the customer. 

Due to the custom nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that we will have the fabric in stock to replace your order.

Fabric Details

Every time fabric is printed it will come from a different batch or fabric roll which means there will be slight variances between fabric colours, material feeling and even fabric weights (within reason). Due to the digital printing process an exact print every time is not guaranteed, for instance, if you ordered a design and then 6 months later ordered again, there may be differences between these fabrics as they will not have been printed at the same time. Material Magic will no be reimbursing any customers in the event of these fabric impacts (variances in colour, weight, texture).

Where do your prints come from? 

This website is dedicated to international collaborations and the designs sold are the ownership of third parties. Material Magic has no influence or creative input into these designs. 

The two international businesses which are currently offered within Australia to domestic customers is Sweet N Charmed - Fabric Mail and Wanderlust Designs Custom Fabrics. For more information regarding these two businesses please refer to their websites. 

The fabric price is based on the available information at the time. In some instances, once the fabric is delivered to Australia, there may be additional fees and charges associated with a customer order. The additional charges may be based on international exchange rate impacts, customs and import taxes, any increases in freight which may have occurred after placing your order but before it was received to Australia. Note, price impacts for additional fees are not limited to the examples mentioned above. By placing your order through this website you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. 

We would really like you to enjoy your purchasing and sewing experience with Material Magic. If you are having trouble with something or need help please reach out.

Happy Sewing!