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Printing Schedule

Our estimated turnaround time is 6-12 weeks unless advised differently at the time the preorder is run. For instance, some flash rounds take 4 weeks, and a rerun round will take up to 14 weeks. Below is a list of all Pre-orders currently processing or recently processed. 

RETAIL - All retail orders are picked and posted within 1-3 business days unless during a Retail Launch Evening, at which time retail takes 1-5 business days due to the large volume of customer orders.  

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Round 25 Sweet N Charmed Flash Preorder - Open 8-9 January, TAT 6-10 weeks.  

Round 25 Flash Preorder - Open 3-7 January. TAT 6-10 weeks, fabrics from Material Magic.

Round 24/R55 Sweet N Charmed - USA collaboration preorder 14-19th December. TAT 6-12 weeks. Estimated posting parcels by 20 March.   

Round 23 Easter + Extra - Dates 8th -13th December. Easter and Extras preorder has a 6-10 week TAT with parcels to by posted by 21st February. All fabrics almost finished printing as of 4/1/2021 OPEN

Round 22 / CyberMonday Sweet N Charmed -   Flash Cyber Monday USA Preorder (Dates 30th November). Printing TAT 6-10 weeks, Fabrics have finished printing and are on their way to Australia. ETA for customers to be sent orders by 8th February. OPEN

Round 21/R54 Sweet N Charmed Accio - Dates 8-15th November, printing and processing turnaround time is 6-10 weeks.  All fabric has finished printing and on track for posting to customers by 31st January. OPEN

Round 20/R53 Sweet N Charmed Nostalgic - Dates 24th - 26th October, Processing estimates 6-10 weeks, 90% of orders have been sent to customers as of 22th December and remaining customers will receive their orders ahead of schedule by mid-January as fabric is arriving the week of Christmas. OPEN

Round 19 Dash of Summer - Preorder dates 18th Oct - 1 November, All fabrics arrived in Australia and are currently being cut. First orders will start going out by the 5th January and will continue until about the 20th January, well on track. OPEN 

Round 18/R4 Sweet N Charmed Woven - Early October, all orders processed in 2-4 weeks. Completed

Round 17 Rerun Round - Dates 6th -20th September EPIC preorder with every single Material Magic design ever ran on offer . Printing Schedule advised 6-12 weeks with orders currently on track and the first orders going out at the 6 week mark. All fabric bases have finished printing and on track for processing by 20th December. COMPLETE

Round 16/R52 Sweet N Charmed Christmas - Dates 31st August - 5th September, all orders sent within 4 weeks. Completed 

Round 15/R3 Sweet N Charmed Facemask - Flash round 10th-11th September - all orders sent between 3-5 weeks. Minor printing errors on black mask panels with these reprinted for customers before sending which resulted in an extra week for processing.  Completed

Round 14 Furry Friends Flash - Preorder dates 5th-12th September. All orders sent between 3-6 weeks. Retail published October 28th R14 and is now considered closed. Completed

Round 13 - Christmas Preorder dates Sunday 12th - 26th July. Printing turnaround time is 6 - 10 weeks. Expected processing orders between 30th August - 27th September. All orders processed between 6-10 weeks, with three orders requiring reprint, and processed by 13 week mark. Completed

Round 12 -  Preorder dates 10th -24th May. Printing turnaround time is 6-10 weeks. Expected processing orders between 5th July - 2nd August. All orders sent by 6.5 weeks. Completed

Flash Pre-order - 10-14th April. Turnaround time was crazy quick and managed to get every single order out within 4 weeks. Completed

Round 11 -  Pre-order dates 2 - 23 February. Turnaround estimate for the shipping period was 29 March through until 26 April. 97% of orders were posted by the 7th week, with 3 final orders processed at the end of the 9th week. Completed

Round 10 -  Easter Pre-order dates 1 January - 8 January. All orders delivered within 5 weeks. All orders processed and Pre-order considered closed with Retail available on the website. Completed

All Pre-orders (Rounds 1-10) were delivered on-time, with all customer orders posted within 4-8 weeks of each round closing.